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Are you looking for a quality supplier of firewood? Dorset customers need look no further than RTS Logs, the premier wood and coal supplier. With nearly two decades of experience, you can count on our family-run company to supply you with perfectly seasoned wood suitable for all fires and wood-burning stoves.

From heating your home to preparing your evening meal, our products enable you to go about your day unhindered. To get started, phone us on 01202 718 883.

The Best Firewood Dorset Has to Offer

For those lucky enough to have a property with an active fireplace or even a wood-burning stove, choosing the right firewood is essential to ensure a warm and pleasant experience. When it comes to the best firewood Dorset has to offer, you cannot go wrong with RTS Logs.

At RTS Logs, we supply the finest seasoned hardwoods, carefully selected for the best results. The wood we supply burns slowly, providing long-lasting heat, making this an ideal option for cooking or staying warm on a chilly night. Our wood produces very little smoke and fewer sparks, so there’s little to no risk of introducing a fire hazard.

When purchasing logs, it’s important to ensure the wood is correctly seasoned, stored in a dry place, and sustainably harvested. By choosing RTS Logs, you have assurances on all these counts.

Why You Should Choose RTS Logs

RTS Logs is a trusted supplier of logs, coals, and kindling here in Dorset. We’re highly regarded for supplying high-quality logs and exceptional customer service. We procure all our firewood, coals, and kindling from sustainable sources. These include well-managed forests, which helps to protect natural habitats and ensure a continuous supply for future generations.

We’re regarded for our outstanding customer service, the competitive prices for all our logs, coals, and kindling, and our convenient delivery service. We’ll bring your logs directly to you and can even help offload and place them into your log storage. Whatever your requirements, we go the extra mile to ensure they’re met.

Why Our Firewood Is the Best Choice for You

Our firewood is the best choice for you because you won’t find finer quality anywhere else. All our logs are perfectly seasoned hardwoods, like oak, selected for quality and low moisture content. We store all our logs correctly, ensuring they remain in excellent condition. So, when you receive your log delivery, you can trust that they’ll burn efficiently, producing long-lasting and consistent heat.

What Else Do We Do?

Here at RTS Logs, we supply products well-suited to different circumstances and requirements. These are the products we supply:


We have you covered if you’re looking for a reliable coal supplier. We supply two variants – natural smokeless and house/ economy coals. Our natural variant coals are suitable for multi-fuel stoves, Rayburns, and boilers. These coals are delivered loose in 50kg bags or 25kg bags if your property lacks a coal bunker. Our natural smokeless coals are deep-mined anthracite, which is a low-flame and ash option, making this a great choice for Smoke Control Areas.

Our house/ economy coals are smaller than ordinary house coals, so they won’t last as long. But they are ideal for starting an open fire or lighting a multi-fuel stove. They are easy to light, have a long flame, and produce low ash content.


Our log delivery service is available throughout Dorset. We supply a wide range of logs with options to suit any requirement, from small bags and wheelie bin sacks to truck loads and bulk orders. All our logs are of the highest quality and perfectly seasoned, making them a great option for everything, from cooking and heating your home to arts and crafts.


Kindling is great for getting fires started as quickly as possible. We deliver our kindling in small and large bags, so you can buy the quantity that best suits your needs. Kindling is not ideal for sustaining a fire, so you’ll want to buy kindling alongside either our logs or coals.


Click on our gallery page to see examples of the various products that we supply here at RTS Logs. Hopefully, these images should convince you that we’re the right log supplier for you.

Contact us

So, if you want to purchase firewood logs, you now know who to turn to – RTS Logs. We supply the best quality wood that’s affordably priced, so you’ll have plenty of fuel for your fire or wood-burning stove. And with coals and kindling available, we’ve got all needs covered.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, call our Dorset team on 01202 718 883 or complete the online contact form on our website.

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