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Firewood in Poole

Are you in the market for top quality fuel products? If so, then look no further than RTS Logs. Whether you need coal, kindling, or firewood in Poole, we have got you covered. Get in touch with our reliable family run company now on 01202 014 049 to place your order or ask us questions about the products.

The Best Firewood Poole Can Get

Your search for the finest supplier of firewood in Poole is finally over now that you’ve found out about RTS Logs. With more than 15 years of experience to draw from, you can trust us to always deliver high quality products – on time and at affordable prices.

Our company has a solid reputation countywide for always providing customers with outstanding value for their money. With our premium grade products, you can heat your home, prepare the evening meal, and much more.


All of the coals supplied by RTS Logs can be ordered loose or bagged in any amount. We have two different types of coal options available to choose from.

Natural Smokeless Coal

These types of coals are suitable for multi-fuel stoves, Rayburns, and boilers. We will deliver your natural smokeless coal in a 50kg bag, so that it can be effortlessly tipped into your coal bunker. If you haven’t got one, then we can pre-pack 25kg bags for you prior to delivery – just let us know in advance if this is your preferred option.

Economy Coal

This natural non-smokeless option is perfectly suitable for open fires. Our economy coals will be easy to light, and they benefit from a long flame with low ash. Please note that they are not suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Firewood in PooleKindling

To get your new Poole firewood burning as quickly as possible, you will need some high quality kindling. You can buy it in small and large bags as well as in bulk orders.


Here at RTS Logs, we supply and deliver a wide variety of different logs. With our firewood, Poole property owners can heat their home and prepare food. However, they can be used for other purposes as well, including as arts and crafts supplies.

When you place an order for this type of firewood in Poole, you can choose between the following packages for delivery, listed from minimum to maximum sizes:

  • Small Bags
  • Wheelie Bin Sacks
  • One Tonne Sacks
  • Trailer Loads
  • Truck Loads
  • Bulk Loads

When it comes to our customers, we will spare no expense. We’re fully committed to going the extra mile, ensuring an outstanding service, not just a decent service. Our aim is to always establish a long term working relationship with each client and be their only source for firewood in Poole.

Why Choose RTS Logs to Supply Your Poole Firewood?

Whether you utilise a wood burning stove or simply enjoy open fires, you will need a reliable supplier of firewood in Poole. RTS Logs is here to be your one stop shop for reliable fuel products offered at cost-effective prices that won’t break the bank.

All of our Poole firewood and kindling benefits from a low moisture content, which means it’s easy to light and will burn for a long time. Our deep mined Anthracite coal provides a supreme performance that won’t let you down.

Placing your order for the best firewood Poole offers couldn’t be easier. Give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will have your chosen products delivered to your doorstep in the exact amount that you specify.

Contact Us Now to Place an Order for Firewood in Poole

Ready to contact us and see the best firewood in Poole in action? Call our friendly team on 01202 014 049 or fill in our enquiry form to arrange for a callback.

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