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Firewood Wimborne

Do you have a wood burning stove or a fireplace and are searching for the best supply of firewood Wimborne offers? If so, look no further than RTS Logs, a family run company with more than 15 years of experience. We have gained a reputation for providing our customers with outstanding value for money, so whether you want a small bag or to purchase in bulk, we can help. Call us today on 01202 718883.


Quality Firewood In Wimborne

While the majority of homes draw their energy from the main grid, there are still homes that rely on off-grid sources like firewood. These sources can often be hard to come by and, when you do find them, they can be expensive. But, when you choose RTS Logs, you will find we supply a range of premium grade products at fair and competitive prices. For delivery in Wimborne, firewood from us can’t be beaten.

We supply and deliver a range of logs to your door, so whether you’re ordering a small bag or in bulk, we provide the best service for firewood Wimborne offers. Our logs feature a low moisture content to ensure an outstanding performance that won’t let you down. While logs are typically used as firewood to provide heat and energy for your home, they can also be used for a range of purposes, including arts and crafts. Our years of experience and knowledge allow us to provide the logs that are right for your purpose.

When you order Wimborne firewood from us, you can expect excellent customer service from our team. We work hard to ensure you’re happy with your order and service, and no matter how big or small the order, you will always receive the same high standard. When you purchase firewood from us, you can choose the size of your order depending on your needs. We supply a range of order sizes including:Firewood Wimborne

  • Small Bags
  • Wheelie Bin Sack
  • 1 Tonne Sack
  • Trailer Load
  • Truck Load
  • Bulk

In addition to firewood, Wimborne clients can rely on us for other sources such as coal and kindling. When it comes to top quality fuel products, we have your every need covered.



All coals supplied by us can be either loose or bagged and in any amount. We supply two types of coal – Economy or Natural Smokeless.

Our Natural Smokeless coal is suitable for multi-fuel stoves, boilers, and Rayburns and we can supply it loose in 50kg bags or pre-packed into 25kg bags. This coal is deep mined Anthracite, which is low flame and low ash, making it suitable for burning in smoke control areas.

Economy coals are natural non-smokeless products that are suitable for open fires. They are available for delivery in either 50kg bags or pre-packed into 25kg bags, making for easier storage. Smaller than ordinary house coal, it won’t last as long and is not suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas, however, it is easy to light and has a long flame with low ash.



When you purchase firewood in Wimborne from us, you can also order kindling. We provide the best kindling to help get your fire started as quickly as possible. Our kindling is available in small or large bags, with the possibility to order in bulk. Using our years of experience, we can tailor your order to suit your specific needs.


The Best Firewood Wimborne Offers

When it comes to off-grid methods to provide heat and energy for your home, they can be hard to come by and expensive when you do find them. With RTS Logs, we will deliver firewood in Wimborne right to your door, all at fair and competitive prices.

When you are looking for a company to supply firewood, Wimborne clients can expect the best from us. Our products are top-quality premium grade and provide outstanding performance. Whether you want to buy in bulk or just order a small bag, we can tailor your order to your specific needs and requirements.

When it comes to our customers, no expense is spared. We are committed to providing you with a service that goes the extra mile, ensures your needs are met and leaves you highly satisfied. So whether you want a one-off delivery or a regular shipment of firewood, Wimborne clients will find us to be accommodating.

With our years of experience, fair and competitive prices, quality customer service, and premium grade products, we are the best Wimborne firewood suppliers for you. No job is too big or too small so you can be confident that your needs will be fully met.



For further information about our services supplying the best firewood Wimborne has to offer, contact us at RTS Logs on 01202 718883. One of our team will be happy to take your call and discuss your needs.

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