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Wood for Sale Bournemouth

Are you looking for first-class fuel products that are ideal for heating your property? Well, here at RTS Logs, we are an experienced family-run company that has top quality wood for sale. Bournemouth customers will get value for money when they turn to our business. To request a free no-obligation quote, give us a call on 01202 718 883.

Top Quality Bournemouth Wood for Sale

Plenty of homeowners opt against using energy from the main grid and instead use other fuel products. Here at RTS Logs, we provide logs, coal and kindling to plenty of customers across the South Coast of England. If you are looking for wood for sale in Bournemouth, then our team will be able to deliver products ideal for heating your home or preparing food.

Below, we have detailed the products we have available, including the type of wood for sale. Bournemouth customers will not have to struggle finding these off-grid sources as we deliver the goods for an affordable price.


Wood for Sale BournemouthFor a perfect source of heat, consider purchasing logs for your home. They are ideal for firewood, but they can be used for a range of purposes. Here at RTS Logs, we have plenty of Bournemouth wood for sale, and it is up to you how big of a load you want to request. We welcome orders of multiple sizes, and we can deliver them in the following:

  • Small Bags
  • Wheelie Bin Sack
  • 1 Tonne Sack
  • Trailer Load
  • Truck Load
  • Bulk

While looking for wood for sale in Bournemouth, you may have come across numerous suppliers, but you will struggle to find one that betters our customer service. Our team are dedicated to ensuring that deliveries are made on time while causing little disruption to your day-to-day routine. Regardless of the size of your order, you can trust our team to complete the delivery promptly.


Are you planning a bonfire for a special occasion? Well, you will need some kindling to help fuel the flames. Here at RTS Logs, we have plenty of wood for sale. Bournemouth customers can rest assured knowing that they will be getting a top-quality product. When you decide to purchase through our company, we will tailor your order to your needs.

If you require kindling for a special occasion, it is likely that you will already be busy planning other aspects of the get-together. Well, when you buy our Bournemouth wood for sale, you should expect a hassle-free process.

Why We Have the Best Wood for Sale, Bournemouth Clients

As a supplier of logs, kindling and coal, RTS Logs aims to be the first choice for all customers in the Dorset area. With premium grade products, we have wood for sale in Bournemouth that will meet your needs; whether it is for heating purposes, cooking or for a special occasion. Keep in mind that our logs and kindling have low moisture content.

The beauty of our company is that size does not matter! If you require a small bag or you would prefer to purchase in bulk, our team can accommodate. We have plenty of wood for sale, Bournemouth customers, so we can cover an array of requests. With our founder Brian Rogers having more than 25 years of experience, you can put your full trust in our services.

We are proud to say that plenty of our business comes from repeat customers and recommendations. In fact, we aim to strike up long-term relationships with our clients, but if you would prefer a one-off shipment, we can sort it for you. Our wood for sale, Bournemouth customers, is available to all!

Contact Us for a Free Quote

If you would like to request a free no-obligation quote regarding our wood for sale, Bournemouth customers can reach us by calling 01202 718 883.

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